What is Hentai? The rise of anime porn

No one who thinks of pornographic content, would imagine cartoon images being part of it. Yet that is exactly what has happened with several genres in the adult industry. Anime, hentai and cartoon are three very popular categories in porno. That’s right, in pornography. That means cartoon characters engaged in all kinds of wild and kinky sexual acts. Often, famous and well-recognized mainstream cartoon personas, take part in hardcore sex. The result is the internet being full of these hentai porn videos, cartoon porn videos and anime porn films. So how exactly did this happen? How could something as innocent as animation, end up being a top genre in the adult world?

Before anything else, what hentai, anime and cartoon porn are all about, need to be addressed. Hentai is an actual Japanese word. Translated into English, it means “pervert” or a perverse sexual desire. In Japan where Hentai originated, it is also referred to as manga or anime porn. Hentai images are generally computerized characters. The images are illustrated into beautiful, erotic and arousing roles. Hentai female characters, have perfect tits, hot bodies and gorgeous faces. More importantly though, these girls have genitalia closely mimicking actual human females.

The men are also well-endowed and perfect in every form. Together, they take part carrying out sexual acts in the same way real pornstars do. Finding hentai porn videos is rather easy these days since so many adult sites have them. All three forms of animated porno – hentai, anime and cartoon – are in the top 20 most popular porn categories. Part of the reason for that, is because there are so many possibilities and creativity options within the genre. Unlike human actors, animated characters have no limitations. That means they can engage in any kind of sexual acts. No matter if they are perverted, wild or even illegal. It’s why animated pornography is just as addictive as traditional human adult content.

Furthermore, in cartoon porn videos, popular and well-known mainstream characters have sex with anyone. It could be with other famous animated personalities such as Disney princesses or princes. They can be of animated celebrities, animals or beasts. The same for hentai porn videos where there are no limitations on the sex being had or by whom. Case in point is the popularity with hentai videos showing beautiful Japanese or other girls, being banged by monsters, aliens and other creatures. Monster porn is a genre which gets millions of followers and whose videos, obtain millions of views.

Sex experts who weigh in on the popularity of animated pornography, often refer to the nostalgic reasons behind it. Since almost every person grows up watching cartoons, the majority tend to fantasize about the characters. Kids don’t get to see adult content early on. Their sexual fantasies have to be with the female cartoon characters. Being able to see some of these childhood personas now engaged in wild and raunchy sex, is great for them.

There are others who like the fact that hentai porn, is more real to them than actual human porno. They point to the many pornstars who are fake because of their augmented breast implants or other parts. Also, hentai, cartoon and anime porn artists, can do what they want with the characters. They have the freedom to create the personas, exactly how they desire. They can be beautiful girls with perfectly round tits or unreal and bizarre. That allows any and all kinks or fetishes to be fulfilled by the creators. In turn, the person who could not find his or her fetish in regular porn, finds it easily in animated smut.

Another factor for the popularity behind hentai porn videos, is dialogue. Japanese language doesn’t have any swear words or curses per se. That makes the dialogue between the characters more plain and to the point. A person can find sluts, virgins, psychopaths or whatever they wish for in their characters. They can have large breasts or small, they can take penises of all sizes as well. Overall, what a person watches in cartoon porn videos or hentai porn videos, is up to them. Having no limitations on what they want, is part of why these three genres, are so popular today.