The Best Free Graphic Design Software

Illustrators and artists used graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create visual texts combined with various icons and portraits. These graphic design applications have complicated features and unique tools that didn’t exist in another graphic design application. However, the aforementioned visual software is expensive, especially for student designers.

Listed below are some of the excellent economical, open-source graphic design freeware which has comparable and similar design tools and features to advanced programs.

  1. Inkscape

This software is a free and open-source vector graphics tool which is perceived to be an alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Web designers, designers, and illustrators utilized this tool to create illustrations, diagrams, logos, figures, and intricate drawings. It complements with SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics, an image format based on XML, and it can import and export multiple file formats and vector-based formats.  Inkscape consists of various tools with distinct styles, forms, and patterns. The user can manipulate image shapes, add effects, and distort and apply gradients to images.  The latest version of Inscape can run on different platforms such as Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Microsoft Windows, macOS.

  1. Krita

It is a free and open-source with advanced design tools for drawing and templates. It provides the user an accessible user experience with a movable panel and customized workflow. The users can also create their particular shortcut tools for accessibility and save their designs for retrieval or editing. Another advantageous point for its user interface is the stabilizer for brushes to smoothen uneven strokes. There is also an engine feature which customizes brush with unique designs. Each brush engine holds a distinct task like Shape engine, Color Smudge engine, Particle engine, and Filter engine. The users can import various brushes from different artists and designers to expand toolset into bundles.

  1. GIMP

GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program, the most well-known open-source free photo editor, holds the most features similar to Adobe Photoshop. Some points of GIMP include customizable brushes, enhancement tools, layer masks, and animation package. Users can customize its graphical user interface for adaptable user experience. It supports hardware devices and various file formats like TIFF, GIF, PNG, and JPEG. The developers of this software designed free third-party plugins to extend its functionalities and save compressed files. This freeware runs on the GNU/Linux, MacOS X, and Windows platforms.

  1. ly

Students, executives, and professionals used to represent and convey their ideas and concepts using posters, flowcharts, or other visual displays in a succinct manner. This graphic design tool is a web-based infographic platform with free pre-selected templates, clear user interface, and selection of various design tools. Users can download their projects in PDF or JPG format, and customize the quality settings of their design. The fundamental tools in are free, as well as thousands of images and infographic templates.

  1. Sumopaint

This freeware is a web-based paint tool for image manipulation similar to Adobe Photoshop. Sumopaint has several related features with Photoshop such as the menu bar with line tools, clone, gradients, and blur, and a unique design tool like custom shape tools. It is also interactive since there is an additional feature where various graphic designers in the community give feedbacks by commenting, rating, and uploading images that users can access.