Free Animation Software for Beginners

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Free Animation Software for Beginners

The animation is a type of image manipulation of succeeding images that create an illusion of movement. Disney Pixar is renowned for marvelous animation films such as the Toy Story trilogy, The Incredibles, and Finding Nemo. The studio granted the vision of life to the characters in the movie by giving them the ability to think on their own and to feel vivid emotions.

How does a person become an animator? There are various animation software now that are inexpensive and readily available for beginners and experts. Listed below are some open-source animation software for inexperienced animators that you may examine and try.

1.Pencil2D Animation

It is a free and open-source animation software used to produce two-dimensional animation. This software is ideal for beginners since the commands and user interface is manageable. Pencil2D has a minimalistic layout which aid users to explore its main tools easily. Furthermore, it allows vector workflows, bitmap illustrations, and additional layers on an image. It is also portable, and it runs on all platforms such as MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Moreover, it was built specifically for PC systems, so one drawback in Pencil2D is difficulty in creating detailed drawings because of the mouse tool.


Tupi, formerly KToon, is a tool for the creation of 2D Animation. It is also an open-source software that allows other users to make significant changes in the software if necessary. The central objective of this software is to implement an uncomplicated user experience with its minimal graphical interface. The additional features include vector illustrations with polygons, lines, and shapes, bitmap graphics, paint bucket to fill a bounded range, image export in various formats, and image rotations and scale. It also contains a library panel where users can store their previous projects for editing or retrieval. Some future updates of Tupi will include sound support, image morphing, and keyframes for advanced users.


This animation software is the most downloaded freeware in the United States, India, and Algeria. It requires less space complexity compared to other animation applications. CreaToon is user-friendly and straightforward 2D Animation software that allows distinctive effects to animations and intricate tasks. The users cannot customize the user interface, unlike other 2D Animation software, but it has an organizer panel for project viewing. They can also save their works manually or automatically every 5 minutes. Moreover, the user can modify the drawing tools according to their preference.

4.Synfig Studio

The user interface of Synfig is comparable to Pencil2D, but it has a distinct learning curve. The user interface of this animation software is not far-fetched from other animation application — left panel consists of essential tools, center pane holds the blank canvas, bottom panel has the keyframes, and right panel has its properties. Users can add geometric figures and transform and distort images. The features of Synfig include extra layers for animation, the creation of bitmap and vector models, and audio editor for synching works with sound effects.

5.Daz Studio

Animators, illustrators, and graphic designers used this animation software that focuses on the creation of photo-realistic three-dimensional animations. Daz Studio is a free software with interactive tutorials which requires user registration. It supports image import and export with various file formats. Options such as 3D morphing, animation, and real-time rendering are available in Daz Studio, too. Furthermore, it has a figure platform, Genesis, which permits the user to build and alter realistic characters and sprites.

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