How Do You Make Your Own videos on YouTube?

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How Do You Make Your Own videos on YouTube?

So you think you’re ready to create your own videos and have them viewed by millions of people on Youtube? Before you do that, you might want to read this first!

Set Up Your Gears

Obviously, you need a reliable camera, microphone and editing software to create a good Youtube video. When it comes to camera, you can use a wide range of devices such as laptop built-in webcam, Smartphone or digital cameras. The second significant tool you need is a microphone to ensure that the audio is clear especially when you’re shooting in an outdoor location. For editing software, which one you use is best determined by the type of computer you have, your requirements and of course, your budget. Figure out which software you’re going to use to edit your video. Then, go on Youtube, research and learn how to use it.

Set up The Place

Outside or inside? The shooting location speaks a lot to the viewers. If you’re shooting indoor, make sure the place has proper backdrop, good lighting and quiet setting. If you’re shooting outside, make sure to find a place that reinforces the message you want to convey.

Come Up With A Video Concept

To come up with a video concept, listen to what people are asking for. If you get a question, answer it in a video. If five people have the guts to reach out and ask you something, that probably means there’s five hundred people behind the scene that have the same question. Also, read personal development or books that are specific to your profession. They will give you so many concept and ideas to video about. Start filling your brain with knowledge and it will start spilling out to your audience. Keep your mind open to new ideas, write them down and make a video about them.

Stay Focus

When you finally get your concept, lock in on it. The wider your topic of focus, the longer your video becomes. The more defined and pointed your topic is, the quicker you can effectively share your message. Remember, shorter videos are better, but if your video is longer, it better be packed full of value.


No matter what kind of a video you’re making, whether it is a tutorial, review or a blog, you have to tease the end result of that video. If it’s an entertainment video, tell your audiences there’s something really exciting coming up, a blooper or a highlight in the video. Tease it at the very beginning. Because, anything that you walk away with from this video with, know that Youtube is all about retention. Thus, you need people to watch your entire video, that’s what retention means. You need to get them to stay tuned through the entire video because that tells Youtube and Google it’s quality content that people want to watch, therefore to rank higher and get seen by a lot more people.

Shooting The Video

Think about what you’re going to say. One of the biggest issues that a lot of people have is lack of confidence in front of the camera. That’s the result of not having a clue of what they want to talk about. So, make sure to figure that out before you start recording. You can fill as many videos as you can in Youtube. But if you mess up, just try again.

Be Natural

Do not try to be perfect with your videos. Leave a lasting impression with your audience, but do not try to actually impress them. The message is the most important part of your video. If you don’t have a message, then don’t make a video. Nobody wants to waste their time on a crap clip. Focus your effort on putting out great value-driven messages.

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